Tenants prefer to meet landlords rather than agents says new survey

12 May 2012 Categories: News

Tenants prefer to meet landlords rather than agents says new survey

Upad, one of the internet’s leading online letting agencies, recently surveyed 382 tenants (that used the site to find their rental property) to discover whether they had a preference with regards to landlords and letting agents when it came to viewing properties…and the results were very much in favour of the landlord.

In fact, while over half of the tenants quizzed agreed that viewing a property with the landlord present was preferable, only 15% said they preferred viewing through a letting agent. The remaining third said they didn’t mind providing all their questions could be answered by whoever conducted the viewing.

When asked exactly why they preferred one party over the other, most pro-letting agent tenants mentioned that they thought a letting agent would be more objective about the property. The pro-landlord tenants however had numerous reasons that can be summed up with the following quote:

“It is the landlord´s property and therefore he or she is more likely to know the finer details about the house than the agent who is simply there to do a job. Landlords are more honest with you and you don´t feel like you are being constantly pitched or sold to. A landlord is more likely to tell it like it is. I don´t believe agents are always truthful and because agents only care about the money I believe landlords are better – they actually care about keeping good tenants.”    

So there you have it landlords – tenants prefer the personal touch.