The Gloves come off as Landlords and Tenants have their say

28 June 2012 Categories: News

The Gloves come off as Landlords and Tenants have their say

A study conducted by Total Landlord Insurance has revealed that both landlords and tenants have numerous on-going gripes concerning the other party. The study, which quizzed hundreds of landlords and tenants across the UK revealed a number of disturbing facts, including that one in ten privately rented households don’t currently have a formal tenancy agreement in place.

Further into the study it was revealed that over 20% of tenants are unhappy with the level of communication they have with their landlord, and that more than a quarter have to wait in excess of five days for their landlord to respond to their questions or reported problems. Another quarter of the tenants that responded to the survey complained that their landlords failed to fix urgent problems at all.

On the other side of the argument though, over 40% of the landlords quizzed admitted to having troublesome tenants at some time in the past, while two thirds said that they had experienced tenants who failed to pay rent on time or had completely defaulted.

Even more worrying though is the fact that over 30% of landlords admitted to being unaware of the legal requirements associated with being a landlord, including the need to register tenant deposits in an approved scheme.