Create The Perfect Ad

Here are just a few considerations when you are creating an advert for your buy to let property.

  • Make sure that you provide good, clear photographs – you’ll get a better response with a few nice pictures
  • When taking photographs of the property’s exterior, try to take them on a clear bright day with a blue sky [if possible]. No one is attracted to a photograph of a property taken with a dull and murky background.
  • Choose the best photograph as your main image and if you plan to let the property furnished, make certain that your interior shots are tidy and free from unnecessary clutter.
  • When writing the text for your ad, describe all the positives of the property, but get to the point, you won’t get extra points for being flowery – so DON’T waffle.
  • If your property is well located, mention local amenities, transport links and schools etc.
  • List the things that would make you want to rent the property; briefly describe the desirables and the fittings and features. REMEMBER: You are trying to sell your rental proposition to potential tenants.
  • Make certain that you list any of your preferences and be clear on what you won’t accept i.e. smokers, people with pets etc.