UK Residents can now Learn to be Good…Tenants

12 August 2012 Categories: News

UK Residents can now Learn to be Good…Tenants

A new course has recently been launched by the Chartered Institute of Housing, in partnership with the National Open College Network, which teaches UK residents how to be good tenants. The course, which includes things like how to start a tenancy off well, how to manage finances, how to be a good neighbour and how to fill in benefit claim forms, is primarily aimed at people who for one reason or another are entering rented accommodation for the first time – the examples given being long term hospital care patients, ex-prisoners and members of the armed forces.

Director of professional development at CIH, Martin Winn, commented on the new course, saying “We are very excited about this new programme. NOCN has considerable experience in awarding this type of qualification and, with CIH support and endorsement, we can see this qualification as the sector’s standard for helping some new tenants take on a tenancy.”

Similarly Graham Hasting-Evans, managing director of NOCN championed the novel course by saying “When suddenly faced with the costs involved in running a home, confusing forms to fill in and the everyday tasks involved in looking after a home and being a good neighbour, some people just don’t know what to do.”

As to whether the course has many attendees’ remains to be seen.