Unnecessary Legislation Makes Being A Landlord An Expensive Job

06 July 2012 Categories: News

Unnecessary Legislation Makes Being A Landlord An Expensive Job

A study conducted by the Residential Landlords Association has shown that private rental sector landlords are effectively controlled by over 100 different bits of legislation and regulation and 400 individual measures; a lot of which no longer apply to the sector as it stands today. While this is undoubtedly an interesting fact, it is the thought of the RLA that landlords are passing on the cost of such unnecessary regulations to their tenants in the form of higher rents.

Policy director of the Residential Landlords Association, Richard Jones, now intends to cost each of the 400 regulatory measures currently in existence to see exactly how much they are costing the average private tenant.

When asked about the study, Mr Jones said, “The RLA’s findings clearly show that the private rented sector is facing regulatory overload. You can pass as many laws as you want, but the key issue is actually enforcing them.

“With a supply crisis in the private rented sector, we must do more to make investing in it attractive for potential new landlords. Faced with such regulation, it is little wonder that many simply do not feel up to it. We would urge the Government to seriously look at those regulations that could be scrapped altogether without harming tenants’ or landlords’ interests.”