Upad’s CEO Speaks out for LHA Tenants

17 March 2012 Categories: News

Upad’s CEO Speaks out for LHA Tenants

The CEO of online letting portal Upad has spoken out in support of housing benefit claimants after the results of a recent survey showed nearly 60% of private rental sector landlords now refuse to consider LHA claimants when looking for tenants.

The Spareroom.com survey showed that 87% of the 1000 landlords interviewed had at some time had problems with non-payment of LHA by tenants, and that 47% refused to even consider LHA tenants because of the potential payment problems.

James Davis however – a long standing private rental sector landlord himself – has hit back at the survey saying that LHA claimants are often far more reliable than employed tenants, “I am a big fan of LHA tenants. While I understand the concerns surrounding renting property to those on housing benefit, I make a point of actually selecting LHA tenants to reside in my homes. The reason this sector gets a bad name is due to a real lack of understanding by landlords.”

Mr Davis then went on to say that LHA tenants generally remain in a property long term as they view the property as a home rather than just a place to live. They also care for the property as if it was their own, and in a lot of cases the rental income from LHA tenants can be significantly higher than from employed tenants.

He also mentioned taking out rent guarantee insurance as a back-up measure, just in case there are problems with payments or claims in the future.